Celebrating YMCA Volunteer Extraordinaire, Sarah Bried!

Sarah Bried, YMCA volunteer

Even if you don’t know her personally, chances are you’ve seen Sarah Bried’s smiling and welcoming face around the Chilliwack YMCA. In the early 2000’s, Sarah joined the YMCA as a member. She loved her experience so much, she began volunteering at the Membership Services desk a few years later. Now, Sarah volunteers for the Active and Creative Play programs in the Chilliwack YMCA’s Chilliwack Ford Multipurpose Room twice a week.  

Sarah’s can-do attitude and friendly spirit is certainly inspiring and unforgettable. In fact, her giving nature inspired giving. Earlier this year, an anonymous donor recognized Sarah’s embodiment of YMCA values through her actions every time they met. These encounters inspired the donor to generously donate to the Chilliwack What Really Matters Capital Campaign in honour of Sarah!

To celebrate this wonderful sentiment, the Chilliwack YMCA recently hosted “Sarah Fest”. Over 80 people attended the surprise unveiling of Sarah’s plaque and cake-cutting! Take a look at some of the highlights of the event in pictures below.

Sarah Bried’s celebration
Family, friends and colleagues all gathered to celebrate Sarah. She had no idea and was completely surprised!
Plaque unveiling at Sarah Bried’s celebration
Unveiling Sarah’s plaque which reads “Sarah Bried. Caring for all with her smile and heart.” (In this picture, Sarah is embracing her niece.) 
Cake cutting at Sarah Bried’s celebration
It’s not a celebration without cake!

We are so grateful to this donor for recognizing the spirit of giving and for supporting the Chilliwack YMCA. We’re also very grateful for all of the volunteers who make the YMCA a safe and inclusive space for everyone who walks through our doors. Thank you!