Meet the Chilliwack YMCA’s Amazing Volunteers!

Chilliwack YMCA volunteer bio

Without the support of our many dedicated volunteers, the YMCA wouldn’t be the charity organization that it is today. Throughout our centres of community, we’re fortunate and grateful to have some amazing volunteers who help in so many areas. Here are two such volunteers at the Chilliwack YMCA!

Name: Robert

Position: Volunteer Tour Ambassador Chilliwack YMCA volunteer Robert

Robert has worked in customer service for most of his life. Throughout the years, he’s trained and coached many people. He’s also been a member of the YMCA for 10 years! 

Upon the opening of the new Chilliwack YMCA, Robert started volunteering at the centre of community. He gave many of new and returning members tours during the first few weeks of opening. In Chilliwack YMCA’s Member Experience Manager Jennifer Love’s words, “he was here A LOT!” Since the opening, Robert has enjoyed the new exercise equipment the most.

What matters most to Robert is ensuring that children and youth have access to programs that support both mental and physical development.

Fun fact about Robert: He has 500 hours of volunteer service for the Hospice Society this past year!

Name: Sayomie

Position: Volunteer Aquafit Instructor Chilliwack YMCA volunteer Sayomie

Sayomie’s adult working career has been varied—from legal secretary to retail sales; from hair stylist to instructor at a local business college—but nothing was close to anything sports-related.

After a lifetime of struggling to learn how to control her weight and stay fit, a dear friend of Sayomie’s introduced her to Aquafit at the Chilliwack YMCA in 2004. After losing over a hundred pounds by faithfully attending classes, she enjoyed it so much, that she asked if she could train to instruct the classes. Sayomie’s first-hand knowledge of how much the pool can benefit those who, perhaps, experience the same struggles as she did is what inspired her to become an Aquafit instructor.

When it comes to the new Chilliwack YMCA, Sayomie is excited to see how inviting and welcoming the new centre of community already is. “The new facility is full of members and volunteers who love being there,” says Sayomie.

What matters most to Sayomie is seeing a bright future at the Y for children in the community to learn and grow into responsible adults, as well as for families to connect with the community and other families.

Fun fact about Sayomie: When she was 14 years old, she got her first job guarding at a wading pool in her home town in Manitoba. She has now gone full-circle and absolutely loves spending her time in and around the YMCA pool.

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