Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs: Advocates for Community and Generous Donors to the Chilliwack Y

Elmido Farms, Chilliwack YMCA donors

There’s a true sense of community at the Chilliwack YMCA. One of the reasons for this is because of our generous donors who share the same vision and passion for building and giving back to the community they are a part of.

One such donor is Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs, a multigenerational family farm in Chilliwack that was founded in 1954. The Boer and Aarts family—owner of the farms—has lived in and operated their farms at the same location since 1959. “Chilliwack has always been our home and we feel fortunate to raise our families here,” says Jacqueline Boer, part owner of Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs.

As long-time residents in Chilliwack, the Aarts and Boer family has a strong connection to the community. They actively participate in a few local churches, including Sardis Fellowship Baptist, Central Community Church and Main Street Church. One family member is also on the Chilliwack Agriculture Commission, as well as the Chilliwack Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee. Another member of the family sits on the CEPCO board.

The family’s connection to the Chilliwack community doesn’t stop there. Some of them are also Chilliwack YMCA members! “We love the YMCA because of the family-oriented atmosphere and all that the Y offers to people of all ages. There really is something for everyone,” says Jacqueline.

Upon reflecting about the importance of the Y, Jacqueline adds, “the YMCA is important to Chilliwack as it provides a safe place for people to come together and be healthy. It’s a place for people to make connections, for children to grow and for young and old to improve their health and well-being.”

It’s for these reasons, as well as shared values, that Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs decided to donate to the What Really Matters Capital Campaign. The YMCA’s mission of building a community in which a generation of children and families can reach their full potential especially resonated with the Aarts and Boer family. “The vision of the YMCA and Karen Price’s passion for the Y and its future are what led us to choose to be a part of the campaign,” Jacqueline explains. “Chilliwack is our home and the kids and families in this town matter to us. We want to see families flourish as we raise our families alongside them. The YMCA is a place for everyone and we love that their doors are open to all!”

Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs’ generous gift has certainly gone a long way, which Jacqueline also acknowledges. “The YMCA has built an amazing new facility that will be a place for people in our community to come together, learn new skills, play together and form relationships,” she says.

We are so grateful to Elmido Farms and Brightside Eggs, as well as their entire family and team for supporting the What Really Matters Capital Campaign and helping bring the new Chilliwack YMCA to life! If you would like to contribute as well, please donate or learn about the other ways to give.