Meet Krista Garriott

YMCA Volunteer Krista Garriot

Krista Garriott drove by the brand new Chilliwack YMCA on Hocking avenue every day on her way to drop her daughter off at school. Krista, who loves her role as a stay-at-home mom to her son and daughter, recently moved with her family from South Surrey in search of closer and quieter community, which they found in Chilliwack. Shortly after moving, she started hearing about the new YMCA, how far it had come in the last few years, and what it meant to the people of Chilliwack.

Krista decided to join the YMCA as a volunteer, taking her fitness training through the Y so that she could teach step classes. Krista became part of a close community of volunteer fitness instructors who help make the YMCA the vibrant and inclusive space it is.

In the six months since she joined as a volunteer, the YMCA has become a place for her whole family to enjoy being active and keeping healthy together. For the first time, her four year old son has become confident in the swimming in the pool, and Krista credits his instructors for giving him new confidence in his swimming abilities. “He’s like a new kid!”, she tells us.

Krista and her family make the 15 minute drive to the YMCA four days a week to enjoy “a great workout while our kids are in great care and having fun. It’s a huge blessing.” Since February, Krista has developed many relationships with members, staff and other volunteers, who she described as all very friendly and open to having conversations. As Krista says, “There’s a community of amazing people at the Y”.

Thank you, Krista, for your incredible dedication as a volunteer, and for making the YMCA a friendly and welcoming place for all.