Recognizing Odlum Brown Limited, the B.C. Business with a lot of Heart

YMCA of Greater Vancouver Donor, Odlum Brown Limited

As a charity, we are deeply grateful for the support of our generous donors. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Odlum Brown Limited, a well-respected B.C. business that has a big heart.

For the past 18 years, Odlum Brown Limited and several of their employees have supported the Y in many ways. The team there cares about early child development. Thus, for many years, they have supported our child care centres and programs, especially the Bob and Kay Ackles YMCA Nanook House.

Throughout their many years of giving to the YMCA, they have formed a deep understanding of our mission and the need and importance for the space to carry out life-enhancing programs. In addition to early child development, the team also greatly cares about community. That is why Odlum Brown Limited invested in the Chilliwack community by generously donating to the new Chilliwack YMCA. By joining other What Really Matters donors as co-founders, we have been able to bring this beautiful new centre of community to life!

As longstanding donors, Odlum Brown Limited has a rich history with the YMCA, dating back to one of the firm’s founders. General Victor Wentworth Odlum, co-founder of the firm, was on the YMCA Board of Directors as a Vice Chairman.

Today, this leadership continues with current Odlum Brown Limited President and CEO, Debra Hewson. She is passionate about giving back and it doesn’t just stop at the YMCA. Recently, she invited several of the charities the company supports to Bard on the Beach. It was a wonderful initiative to bring these organizations together and to thank them for their community work.

Over the years, Odlum Brown Limited has helped support many vulnerable children and their families. And, as valued donors to the Chilliwack YMCA, they’ve significantly impacted the community. Their on-going support and friendship are truly appreciated!

With the help of our generous donors, the YMCA is able to offer safe spaces and programs to communities across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We thank all of our donors, volunteer leaders and volunteers for their continued support.