See the Y Through Our Eyes

Chilliwack YMCA outside view

The New Chilliwack YMCA is the culmination of countless hours of volunteer and staff work to bring this transformational space to the community. The Y has increased in size and will be a place for the whole community to come together, take part in programs and reach their potential. When you look a little deeper, you’ll discover that we left no detail to chance, creating a space that will be impactful and flexible not only today, but for generations to come.
As you watch this video and listen to the reflections of members, volunteers and staff please keep your eye out for some great design aspects that help make this Y so inviting and valuable for our community. And if you are fortunate enough to visit and experience the new Chilliwack YMCA, you’ll discover even more.



The Y is designed to be a transparent and open place for member comfort and safety. Notice the glass and openness throughout the facility. This creates inviting spaces to get more people involved, allows parents to see the exciting and educational programming their children are enjoying, and lets natural light penetrate the various rooms and spaces. Keep your eye out for these design features as you watch the video.
We know that when people enjoy our YMCA programming with friends new and old, it’s these connections that will keep them coming back. Our Y was designed and our programming set up to build and strengthen relationships. Our staff take the time to connect people at the Y, our children’s programming is designed to not only pass along skills but to build relationships too. The video tells stories about a place where people are connecting and participating together, which is at the heart of every YMCA.
It was important to us to ensure that the Chilliwack YMCA is a place that is accessible and inclusive to all. As such, spaces are designed to be flexible and useful for children and adults with a wide variety of needs. For example, our fitness area has equipment and areas that accommodate a wide range of abilities and goals and the change rooms can accommodate people of all ages, families, and abilities. Be sure to look for how each space can be used for numerous purposes.
And we can’t forget about the people! A YMCA brings together people from all backgrounds in a multitude of roles to build and support each other’s goals. The team of volunteers and staff at the  Chilliwack Y work together with the members and community to make each and every YMCA experience special. We can’t thank our donors enough for helping make this new Centre of Community in Chilliwack a reality. We invite you to experience the YMCA firsthand, at the Chilliwack YMCA or at another YMCA close to you.