The YMCA—A Place to Play, Grow and Connect in the City

The New Coqutilam YMCA

Coquitlam is an up and coming place to live. It is a vibrant, regional centre in the Lower Mainland and currently home to just under 140,000 people. The City is positioned to experience significant growth over the next 25 years, with the population expected to reach over 220,000 by 2041—an increase in over 50%!

The developments and resident growth will transform the Tri-Cities profoundly, with several impacts. Soon, the demand on social infrastructure will surpass what is available. High-rise developments will bring density and create an urban environment that will change the character of Burquitlam and the entire region.

The families that will live in the new condos won’t have the luxury that most Coquitlam residents have been accustomed to—a lush backyard for kids to discover, a large living space in which to invite neighbours over, or a quiet street to meet friends and play. But people living in dense urban areas still need safe and inviting local services and spaces to thrive. Living without a place to get together with friends means children and youth won’t have somewhere to go to grow, learn and become leaders who give back. It means families won’t have somewhere to go to engage in the community and meet their neighbours. Without these opportunities, dense neighbourhoods become concrete jungles instead of welcoming havens.

We believe everyone needs a safe and welcoming place to call their own. That’s why we are building the Coquitlam YMCA to be an inclusive home away from home for all people. This is an amazing opportunity for us to intentionally build the community we want—a community that is proactive to the needs of its citizens.

The new Coquitlam YMCA will positively transform people’s lives. Together, we will:

  • Create a place of belonging that welcomes all
  • Help people be healthier
  • Guide youth to become educated leaders in our community
  • Be the place where families gather and grow closer together
  • Help people manage chronic diseases
  • Instill vital core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility
  • Link thousands of people through mentoring, volunteering and new job opportunities

Together, we can change lives, grow the community and create a safe and inclusive place that builds resilient kids and strong families. We are excited for the future of the Y for the Tri-Cities community!