Giving it 100: The YMCA as a Sustainable Charity

The YMCA as a sustainable charity

In late 2018, Maclean’s, the long-running Canadian news outlet, released the much-anticipated (okay, maybe just by charities) 2019 Charity 100, a list of the top-100-rated charities in Canada for the year. The evaluation is done using audited financial statements from charities across the nation to analyze fundraising efficiency, transparency and results achieved by the charity through donor dollars.

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver stands proudly on this list, among only a few fellow-B.C. charities, and as the only YMCA in the country currently carrying the honour. Because of our strong commitment to fundraising as efficiently as possible, and using the funds for the greatest possible impact, we are proud to have been evaluated with an A+ grade in both Fundraising Efficiency and Charity Efficiency.

Showing our dedication to our donors and to being a sustainable charity is something we’ve always loved to do. In 2015, we applied for and achieved our Imagine Canada Accreditation, meaning we met the 73 standards required in the categories of Board Governance, Financial Accountability and Transparency, Fundraising, Staff Management and Volunteer Involvement. We are proud to bear the Imagine Canada Trustmark which, in their words, “is a symbol of excellence and leadership in the charitable sector”.

Striving to do right by our donors is at the core of this work. We are grateful for the many ways we can show them that we’re here to stay, to grow, and to honour their investments by creating healthier, stronger, and happier communities.

Check out Maclean’s 2019 Charity 100 to read more about the YMCA’s efficiency and see where your other favourite charities rank.