Shining a Light on Tri-Cities YMCA Pioneer and Volunteer, Tracy Price

Tracy Price, YMCA volunteerThere’s something special about the Tri-Cities. No, we don’t mean the burn in your calves after the Coquitlam crunch, nor the joy of having ice cream at Rocky Point Pier. We don’t even mean the nostalgic feeling of eating at the Coquitlam Grill or walking your dog at Mundy Park. What we mean what makes the Tri-Cities extra special to usis that volunteers and Tri-Cities residents are championing the building of the very first YMCA in the Tri-Cities area.

This is unique to our other What Really Matters projects, all of which are being built in cities that have had a YMCA centre before. And so, it takes extra special volunteers in the community to pioneer something this big and new. As such, we want to introduce you to one such pioneer, Tracy Price. 

Tracy has spent her entire life living in the Tri-Cities area, which is comprised of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra. As well as being a second-generation resident, Tracy runs a successful business in the community and is very active in charitable work.  

What she loves most about living in the Tri-Cities is the close sense of community. “When you go to a function, you always know people there. It’s a very supportive communityespecially for businesses. And the Tri-Cities has everything: mountains, rivers, lakes, shops, trails, restaurants, ocean and parks. Well, I guess everything but a YMCA,” says Price. 

Tracy has been connected to the YMCA for three years now and serves as the Campaign Chair of the Coquitlam What Really Matters Capital Campaign. The role is well suited to Tracy, who has experience with successful capital projects. It came at a time when she was searching for a new challenge to take on in support of her community.  

As Campaign Chair, she leads ten dedicated volunteers to identify individuals and businesses who have a natural link to the values of the Y and invite them to be involved in the campaign. 

Bringing a YMCA to a community that’s never had one before is a huge undertaking. However, what keeps Tracy going is the love of her community and her desire to create a safe place where anyone from the Tri-Cities or Burnaby areasregardless of age, race, gender, religion or financial abilitycan come to enjoy programs that promote health and happiness. After all, what really matters to Tracy Price is what matters to the Y, too. In her words, this is family, health, and happiness.”