Volunteer Spotlight: Marko Dekovic

There’s a lot to love about Coquitlam. In fact, it’s hard to nail down just what makes it such a wonderful community. From hiking through Mundy Park, to finding the perfect gift at Coquitlam Centre, to seeing the winter lights at Lafarge Lake or splashing in Blue Mountain Park’s pool in summer, there’s something for everyone. For Marko Dekovic, it’s the balance, culture and diversity that make Coquitlam the great city it is.

Marko, a volunteer cabinet member on the YMCA What Really Matters Coquitlam campaign, chooses to call Coquitlam home with his family for many reasons. He loves the physical diversity—from parks to modern centers to historic old neighborhoods. “We have a thriving tech sector, and a strong manufacturing base supported by industrial land,” he says.  “We have cultural and ethnic diversity, but we respect and recognize our indigenous community and francophone pioneers. This balance facilitates a thriving community where you can live, work and play”.

To give back to the community he loves, Marko is active in many ways: as a member of the City of Coquitlam Economic Development Advisory Committee, as a coach for his daughter’s soccer team with Coquitlam Metro Ford SC, and by staying well-informed about local politics. In 2017, Marko also joined the Coquitlam What Really Matters campaign to help realize the goal of bringing a YMCA to the Tri-Cities area.

Marko and his family standing in front of the construction fence at the Coquitlam YMCA construction site
Marko Dekovic with his family at the Coquitlam YMCA construction site.

As a cabinet member, Marko shares his experiences, stories, and insights to facilitate outreach to other community members who may be a good fit to contribute to the YMCA’s mandate and vision.  In particular, the cabinet focuses on connecting with people, businesses and organizations who also want to contribute personally or financially toward enhancing the quality of life in Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities. Marko enjoys learning from and getting to know his fellow cabinet members. One of his favourite parts of his cabinet role is getting to see how connected their networks all are, despite the diversity in backgrounds and day jobs.

In a rapidly growing and changing area like Coquitlam and the Tri-cities, Marko recognizes that community can feel uneasy or off balance. His hope is that the new YMCA “will be the anchor to restore the balance by bringing families and communities together in that rapidly changing environment”. “After all, what really matters? muses Marko? “A thriving community that provides opportunities for current and future generations. I look forward to the opportunities this YMCA will bring to families in the area and am excited to see the new facility provide programs that will help families to reach their goals.”

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers helping the YMCA. We are celebrating you this month as April 18th-24th is volunteer week!