Introducing Y Play—A New Take on the YMCA Childminding Program

Y-Play, YMCA childminding

Did you know that the first three years of a child’s life are the most critical for brain development? That’s why the quality of a child’s earliest experiences is imperative. With this in mind, the Chilliwack YMCA will be replacing the YMCA Childminding program with Y Play! Keep reading to learn more about this program and its benefits.

What is Y Play?

Y Play is a new program being launched at the Chilliwack YMCA. It will support the growth and development of infants and toddlers up to five years old through high-quality play-based activities in a purpose-built environment. This developmental program will have a focus on meeting the needs of very young children.

Y Play is founded on the principles of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) from Magda Gerber. These principles include:

• Trusting the child to be an initiator, explorer and self-learner.
• Providing a safe environment that is cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.
• Providing opportunities for uninterrupted play.
• Encouraging freedom to explore and interact with other infants.
• Encouraging the child to be an active participant, rather than a passive recipient in play activities.
• Having consistent and clearly defined limits and expectations.
• Using all the time that’s spent with the child as a potential source for valued learning experiences.
• Training caregivers to use observation skills and learn non-verbal communication cues in order to meet children’s needs.

What Makes Y Play Different from the Existing YMCA Childminding Program?

The overall purpose of Y Play is to support a child’s social, emotional, verbal, cognitive and physical development and skill-based learning. What makes Y Play unique is that it focuses on active learning with children based on their personal areas of interest.

Y Play will be offered to children up to the age of five who are YMCA members. The fees for this program will be included in the child’s membership.

Concerned about the cost for a membership? Don’t worry. At the YMCA, our goal is to help everyone reach their full potential. That is why we offer financial assistance because price should never be a barrier!

Stay tuned to learn more about this program which will be coming to the Chilliwack YMCA.